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Lately in most states there is no requirements to have any blood work in order to have a destination wedding. Making your destination wedding more easy because all we need is a:
1. letter  from your Doctor stating that from your state no blood work is needed in order for you to get marry.
2. Affidavit from a state board Lawyer stating that your legal residence is from your state with all the legal information to validate your residence of both parties  to be marry. 
We at Wedding in Rincon have notice that this document in the states is very expensive, Will help you locally to have this document less then $40.00 verses $300.00 in the state.
3. Original Birth certificates.
4.If you are  divorce these papers are required (Divorce decree).
5. $150.00 + $10.00 stamp from the local Internal revenue in Puerto Rico, one for the Marriage license and one for the Official Marriage certificate for Puerto Rico which will be mail to your address in the state That is all, with these documents it take from one hour to visit the registry and a marriage licence will be given.
States that require blood work in order to get married in Puerto Rico
1. District of Columbia = complete blood work
2. Montana= Complete blood work
3 .New York = Only except sickle cell Testing for African American and Hispanics.
******Fee of $150.00 is effective Novembre 2014.
Weddings in Rincon is here to celebrate that special moment with you for you. Let us make is a memorable one.

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