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What are my charges
Same Sex Marriages
Really, you love me?
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Same Sex Marriages
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What are my charges

Really?????? a Destination Wedding one of the services is the legal part and been a legal process, there are things that need to be done and paper work from our part in order to have your destination Wedding in PR and as all our charges are taken care at our USA Office  787-347-1119
Thank you
Rev. Gregory Ruiz.

Same Sex Marriages

Finally Same Sex marriage are allowed and recognized, Equality to all. We at Weddings in Rincon cater to all and are Yes  recognizing Same Sex Marriage as a union that has the same rights to be also blessed.!!

Really, you love me?

I asked my beautiful wife mom, Do you really Love me.... there is a quiet suspense in the reply and then she says you know when we first met my heart just turned and  I was like taken into this other reality that was to dream why have this happen to me seeing this person. But later understood that there and then my life had to change, there was though in my mind that I had to deal with, but how, what had to happen?

My people this will continue because it's going to be a long history of love.

love in time

Love is a moment in time, that gives us a special little start of something that will grow to be that special spark that could take you to walk down the idle to a happy beginning that started with just Love in a moment in time.
Many, many blessing to all that follow me .Namaste. 


 To all that visit our Website looking for an Officiating Minister to be there at your special date to make this moment to be a special one in time, a momento to remember forevermore.
We at  Weddings in Rincon  thrive in making every wedding a special one for that special couple.

But remember that we are in the Wedding industry and being at were  we are is because we have had special couples that have put in our hands there desire to have this moment in time for them to be encapsulated  in a special way with there special moment of love that will be treasure Forevermore.

Destination Weddings

Rincon has been nominated #2 in Destination Weddings. We are happy that this has been even considered in the Tourism company. We thrive in been all Professionals in our specialty and in doing so it shows that really we are # 1 because we work in making Destination Wedding a reality.

Seashore Wedding

Reverend Ruiz married my husband and I on Domes beach. First let me say how easy and responsive he is to work with. We had a problem getting one of the PR required documents before leaving for PR and I called Reverend Ruiz and he helped us aquire the document needed. I cannot say enough how much customer means when you hire someone to provide a service. Reverend Ruiz and his wife were great through the whole process. Reverend Ruiz provided a beautiful ceremony with everything we wanted. He and his wife obviously love what they do and it shows.

Our beautiful beaches

New Year new Start

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