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Hurricane Maria really made damage to the green trees that we had, but after a few weeks, they were back greener than ever. Then we went inside Puerto Rico and there were that real damage and houses without there roofs all gone.

There we got things rolling and started to ask for help. We also created and things got rolling

1. we got our 501(a)(3), IRA ID. Series Tax-exempt we started slow but then we had the people and volunteers to give over 1.million Dollars in rooftop materials to replace the blue tarps. still, there are 30% with blue tarps because, in the beginning, FEMA disqualifies most of the survivors because they didn't have some paperwork later on the requirement was taken off the table and most of them did qualify. but still, there is about 30% with there blue tarps and water is getting inside the homes.

December 28, 2019, the south side of Puerto Rico was hit by a 6.4 earthquake over 100 homes crumble down leaving these people without a roof over there head. the good people of the rest of the Island that was not damage have made the difference in stepping up and giving the help its citizens need. we are stronger and up and running.

We still need help any help will make a big change in our people.

Now let us get to your wedding plans...

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