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About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a Priest, Chaplin and Reverent we have to help you in your ceremony.....

Wedding Ceremony:

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Just the two of us Ceremony

Forever Wedding Ceremony

Nature Wedding Ceremony

Seashore Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Religious Wedding Ceremony

Catolic Lite Ceremony

Christian Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

Finally Same Sex Marriage Ceremony

Combinations to cater to the couple believes and Faiths:


The Unity Cross Ceremony

Wine Box ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Candle Ceremony

Hand fastening Ceremony

Wedding Coin Unity Ceremony

Sea Shell Ceremony

Warning of the Rings Ceremony

Catholic Lite Comuniom him & her

Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony

and much, much more....

Just contact us we will accommodate and plan the wedding ceremony to your desire.

 We have been good hearted with couples not asking deposit then having them cancel at the last moment, leaving other couples without our services, been this a problem. Weddings in Rincon will ask for a 50% down payment just to separate that date, then the remain 50% due before the ceremony (our contract explains in detail..) Thank you for your understanding..

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