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We hare Archbishop, Ministers, Chaplains, and we are committed to our community. Doing well, not hurting our brothers. We are all sons and daughters in this Universe.  Need to understand that we are one with the universe. We are all temples.

We are also committed to our Church Iglesia Hijos de Dios en un Universo, to spread the word of God. the mission is to help everyone and let them understand that God is in your church yes in your church, any faith that you believe, just because God is there and everywhere as long as there. is faith. You are the Temple where God Lives.

celebrate all and also giving them hope. Giving time to revisit church, Taking the souls back to God's hands.

I am also a little romantic, that everyone that has love in and is committed to marriage they have the right to be in peace in heart and be marry in any faith

Here are the resources that will make this a memorable occasion. and we will start your journey that will be unforgettable, special, and magical

Just a reminder any officiating minister here could be your Officiating Minister.

Are you excited about your wedding day? Do you want everything to be just right? We are here and will make your day special!! Love is really all you need. Let's celebrate it!

HC01 4362

Rincon, Puerto Rico 00677

Mini chapeL "Just the of Us"

(787-347-1119 Cell

(939) 697-8115 Office

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